We’re ending this summer with Sabbath Sunday. At Kairos Church, we intentionally pause from our weekly rhythms of gathering and serving to rest and set aside time to actually be with Jesus, rather than doing things for Jesus. This coming Sunday, September 4, we will not meet together for worship gathering. 


Instead, you’re invited to practice keeping the Sabbath. Rest from striving and express delight in God’s goodness to you. Feel free to do any of the following as part of your practice:


-spend time outside—a trip to the beach or a hiking trail—and thank God for what you experience

-read a passage from the Bible and reflect on what resonates and what causes resistance

-enjoy a meal with family or friends and take time to personally bless each one gathered

-create a summer of 2022 memories visual and delight in one another’s stories

-listen to instrumental worship music and take a nap


Rest from your normal Sunday to-dos and pace. Spend time in God’s presence and invite the Holy Spirit to renew your mind and transform your life. Life with Jesus, community and purpose begins with being with Jesus


We hope to see you as we resume our worship gathering on Sunday, September 11 at noon as we begin 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting