Hospitality Team

Be the front lines of extending our hospitality to anyone and everyone in our community. Jesus modeled Spirit-filled hospitality which was more than a smile and a handshake. It was a heart to show the love of God to all. Be the love of God to our people.

Kairos Kids

We believe our kids are not just the future of our church, they are our church. We are partners with our families as they disciple their children. Be the transformation in Christ with our kids.

Prayer Team

Prayer is our posture. Prayer is the first thing we do. It isn’t an afterthought. We receive power and direction when we pray. We pray to our Father, knowing He listens and cares. Be a prayer partner.

Production Team

Technology is a powerful tool that we believe in utilizing for God’s Kingdom. Be part of a dynamic team that supports our church and mission.

Setup & Tear Down Team

There are a lot of moving parts to creating space for our church to worship together. Be the hands that create an atmosphere to worship.

Worship Team

Worship is engaging with God, personally and in community, to give him praise and our devotion. Share your gifts of worship.


Whether it is through community or cohorts, be a leader that guides others in their discipleship of Jesus.

Local Outreach

We are a church for South Brunswick and our surrounding neighborhoods.  Be the hands that partner with the Spirit as he works in our communities.

Global Outreach

We are a church for the world as Jesus is for the world. Be the global presence towards those who need the love of Jesus.