We currently partner with YoungLives each month to set up and clean up for their club meeting, serve food, take care of the children and provide donations of diapers and wipes. We also work with Alliance for Refugees to help provide foundational care for refugees in the early phase of resettlement in central NJ. You’ll find us serving at South Brunswick Township’s Department of Parks and Recreation events and other outings throughout our community, too.

Our rental church, Grace Presbyterian Church, hosts a drive-through meal for local neighbors in need, once each month. Since March 2022, Kairos Church has partnered with Grace by purchasing fruit and providing additional volunteers to prepare and serve the individual portions of catered meals. Each service opportunity has met the needs of over a hundred people, and even up to 190 this summer.

If you have questions or are interested in serving in future outreach opportunities, email Pastor Lisa.

Currently, we support the McLain family, our ministry partners and Alliance International Workers in eastern Germany. Sean and Suzy, and their two children, moved from NJ to Waren in early 2022, began learning German, engaging in the everyday culture of their surroundings and serving their neighbors through the church plant in their community—joining the ministry of two other families. Kairos Church supports the McLains with prayer, financial support and encouragement.

Serving Opportunities

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